Christmas Gifts

Oct 14th 2019

Personalized gifts are extremely popular during the Christmas holiday season!  So popular in fact that if you don't get your order in early there is a strong chance we won't be able to get it don … read more

Engraved Gifts

Sep 5th 2019

Engraved gifts are perennially popular items to give.  The personalized engraving adds a tremendous amount of meaning and personal touch and the recipient always feels that the giver went above a … read more

Trophy Engraving Available for Fantasy Leagues and More

Posted by mile high laser engraving on Aug 8th 2019

We see a lot of customer who have previously been given trophies or awards or they are part of fantasy sports leagues and each year they need new engraving. We offer custom trophy and award engraving … read more

Wine and Champagne Bottle Engraving For Special Events

Posted by mile high laser engraving on Jul 18th 2018

When it comes to personalized gifts, engraved wine bottles and champagne botlles are about as nice as it gets!  Mile High Laser Engraving specializes in wine and champagne bottle engraving.  … read more

Memorial Plaques | For All Occasions

Posted by Mile High Laser Engraving on May 28th 2018

Memorial plaques are a great way to honor loved ones!  Common uses for memorial plaques include military plaques, birth plaques, funeral plaques, recognition plaques and graduation plaques. Speci … read more