Wine and Champagne Bottle Engraving

Posted by mile high laser engraving on Jul 18th 2018

When it comes to personalized gifts, engraved wine bottles and champagne botlles are about as nice as it gets!  Mile High Laser Engraving specializes in wine and champagne bottle engraving.  … read more

Memorial Plaques | For All Occasions

Posted by Mile High Laser Engraving on May 28th 2018

Memorial plaques are a great way to honor loved ones!  Common uses for memorial plaques include military plaques, birth plaques, funeral plaques, recognition plaques and graduation plaques. Speci … read more

Legend Plates Denver | We Manufacture Legend Plates

Posted by Mile High Laser Engraving on May 17th 2018

We offer legend plate manufacturing with quick turn around. We stock 2 ply plastic in black/white, white/black, red/white, yellow/black and blue/white. We have access to any color you need and most ou … read more

Interior Sign Manufacturing In Denver Colorado

Posted by Mile High Laser Engraving on Mar 27th 2018

We make interior signs, ADA signs, and some outdoor signs depending on your requirements. We have hundreds of color options and create custom signage to your specifications. interior hotel signs, dire … read more

Brick Fundraisers

Posted by Mile High Laser Engraving on Mar 20th 2018

Brick fundraisers are a popular way to raise funds in both the non-profit, school and corporate sectors.  Engraved bricks make a nice permanent lasting memorial to the person, group, or corporati … read more