Frequently Asked Questions

 How much does it cost for custom laser engraving?

Custom engraving prices vary. To get an estimate give us a call on 720-930-4667 so we can discuss your project with you.

 What is your turn around time on orders?

We process most orders within 3-5 days of receipt. Some orders can take longer if you need your order rushed please let us know that when placing your order and we can provide you a quote for rush services.

 What types of material can be engraved?

We engrave most plastics, wood, glass, leather, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, paper, card stock, many types of cloth, and many plated metals.

 Do you laser engrave ipods, ipads, iphones, android products and general consumer electronics?

Yes we laser engrave consumer electronics on a regular basis.

 Do you laser engrave knives?

Yes, we have done hundreds of knives of all types, sizes, and shapes.

 Do you laser engrave guns?

Yes, as long as the gun will fit in our laser bed which is 40″ x 24″ we have done many guns.  For rifles and shotguns you can remove the stock to get proper fit for our laser.

 Do you laser engrave corporate gifts, awards, and promotional products?

Yes, we do tons of corporate products every year for a variety of industries and customers.

 Do you laser engrave wedding gifts and wedding decorations?

Yes, we do all kinds of wedding engraving on a variety of materials. This type of engraving is great for gifts and wedding decorations. Popular items include bridesmaids gifts and custom glass products.

 Do you laser engrave gifts for groomsmen?

Yes, we’ve done knives, flashlights, flasks, key chains and a variety of other products for groomsmen gifts.

 Do you laser engrave memorials?

Yes, we’ve done all kinds of different memorials for a variety of situations.

 Will you laser engrave a product that I am manufacturing or having manufactured?

Yes, we work with corporations, individuals and machine shops for product laser services.

Do the prices in your store include engraving cost?

Yes! Every product on our website includes custom engraving in the price, just add your text or logo in the fields provided on every product's page!