Memorial Plaques | For All Occasions

Posted by Mile High Laser Engraving on May 28th 2018

Memorial plaques are a great way to honor loved ones!  Common uses for memorial plaques include military plaques, birth plaques, funeral plaques, recognition plaques and graduation plaques. Special events can be memorialized on plaques for just about any occasion.  Mile High Laser Engraving specialzes in creating custom memorial plaques that recogonize and honor memories, achievements, special occasions, and loved ones. Memorial plaques can be created using wood plaques, acrylic plaques, stainless steel plaques, black marble and black brass plaques. If you are looking for a beautiful custom memorial plaque give us a call at 720.930.4667 or contact us via email at We'd love to help you create a special memory memorialized on a beautiful plaque!