Dye Sublimation

We have added dye sublimation capabilities that enable us to print in very vivid colors on a wide variety of substrates.  We can dye sublimate products up to 8.25" long by 13.75" wide. We can print on shot glasses all the way up to 32oz tumblers for our round item sublimation. To check out options flip through our sublimation catalog here:

What is Sublimation (Dye Sublimation Transfer)?

Dye Sublimation Transfer is a process where you take an image - that has been created digitally (either by scanning, downloaded from a digital camera or created on your computer) and then print this image with a printer using special sublimation transfer inks onto transfer paper. Once the image is on the paper you place it under a heat press on top of your polyester or poly coated item (substrate) and heat until the inks turn to a gas and transfer the image onto the item.

If you have quesitions or would like a price quote on any products you see in the catalog give us a call at 720-930-4667.  With our sublimation, laser, and sandblasting equipment we are able to create and/or customize and personalize thousands of products in small or large quantities.  Call today!